The feeling of being intimate with someone is just wonderful, that’s why a lot of people do it right? But did you know that your lady bits also change while you are having sex? Here are some of the fascinating ways on how your body acts and changes while you are being intimate with your partner.

You experience a “high”

During sex, your body just pumps you up with natural happy chemicals that makes you feel like you are on cloud 9. Your body dumps in a lot of happy drugs in your system like adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin during sex that it makes you feel happy and pumped up.

Adrenaline makes your heart race and gives you that excited feeling. Dopamine makes you feel happy and leaves you yearning for more of that person you were just intimate with, this will also make you feel in love. And, oxytocin will add to the enjoyment and that pleasant feeling of being with your partner.

So basically, during sex, your body just bombards you with a bunch of powerful chemicals that makes you enjoy the moment.

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Your boobs become bigger

Your ta-tas become bigger during intercourse because of the intense pumping of your blood all through your body. Just a like a balloon, this causes your breasts to swell up and become bigger during intercourse.

The sad part about this is, is that you don’t get to keep your breast growth and your wonderful “sex boobs”. Just after sex, your boobs go back to their original size. But at least for a while there, it looks like you had a huge rack!

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Your vagina swells up

This is the “penis-erection” version of the vagina. As the amount of blood that gets pumped down there increases, your vagina also blows up right before you orgasm. It’s when the upper part of the vaginal opening swells up. Medical professionals also have a theory that it’s the body’s way of trapping the semen for higher chance of pregnancy.

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Your Clitoris Disappears

To start with, most men could not find the clit even with a map. Just to make things worse, the body just hides your clitoris during sex especially when you are in the zone and when things are getting good. During the first stage of arousal, it becomes big and engorged, but as you are nearing climax, it pulls back against the pubic bone and seems to disappear.


Your blood pressure increases

Whenever something or anything exciting happens to you, your body gets crazy with your blood pressure and just shoots it up. During intercourse, your blood pressure also rises as well as your pulse rate and the rate of your breathing. The blood vessels in your body dilate giving you that flushed red look during sex and pumps blood all throughout your sex organs.


Your vagina stretches and bounces back

During sex, the vaginal canal stretches to accommodate your partner during intercourse and then just after it, your V just bounces back to its original size and tightness just like a rubber band. The problem with this certain “magic trick” of the body is that as a woman grows old or after she gives birth, the body loses the ability to snap back into its original tightness and just becomes loose.

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How can you maintain your sexual health?

In order to have a healthy sex life and healthy libido, you have to maintain the health of your sexual organs.

One of the best supplements that could help restore and maintain the health of your sexual organs is phytoestrogen, especially herbs that contain high quality phytoestrogen. It is the estrogen from plants and what it does is that it maintains the health of your sexual organs or everything that is stimulated by estrogen such as your breasts and vagina. You should remember that a healthy reproductive system means a healthy sexual appetite and a happier sex life.

Kacip Fatimah is one of the best herbs that contain high quality phytoestrogen. It has been proven and tested by multiple studies to help women rejuvenate and maintain the health of the female reproductive system.



Not only does sex feel amazing, it can also bring your closer to your partner and strengthen your relationship. It has some fascinating effects on the body. You should remember that in order to have the best sex of your life all the time, you have to keep your sexual health in tip top shape. What better way to restore and maintain your sexual health than by taking herbs that have high quality Phytoestrogen such as Kacip Fatimah for a more satisfying sex life!