You know that something’s not right down there when it smells super funky and you have abnormal vaginal discharge. Out of the ordinary vaginal odor is the first indication of when there’s something wrong with your vajayjay, so you should pay attention to what your vaginal odor is trying to tell you. But what is normal vaginal odor suppose to smell like and is there anything that you can do to help keep it normal?


Normal Vaginal Odor

I’m sorry to say that there’s no such thing as an odorless vagina or rose-scented ones. The smell of a normal and healthy vagina is musky, but the extent of musk depends on your day to day activity. The more you sweat, the stronger the smell is.



Fishy Scent

If your lady parts smell like the ocean, your vaginal odor is trying to tell you something ain’t right! A fish-like smell coming from your vagina is usually caused by vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis.

vaginal odor

Bacterial vaginosis is an infection in the vaginal area caused by bacteria. Trichomoniasis, on the other hand, is a sexually-transmitted disease caused by parasitic trichomonads. Both conditions make your vagina smell fishy and are often accompanied by a white or gray discharge.



Metallic Scent

When your nether region has a metallic scent, it’s usually nothing to worry about. This usually happens when your vagina comes in contact with semen or blood during your period. Both blood and semen temporarily changes the vaginal pH or acidity of the vagina which causes the vagina to smell somewhat metallic.

The smell is usually temporary and should not last for more than a week or until your period is gone. However, you should check with your doctor if the odor persists long after aunt flow is gone and if it is accompanied by itching and abnormal vaginal discharge.



Yeasty or Bread Odor


If you are emitting a yeasty odor down there or whenever you open your legs you smell something like bread, then you may have a yeast infection.


This is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as thick white discharge and itchiness. The smell alone will not confirm that it really is a yeast infection, but it’s a indication that you should check with your OB-GYN.


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Rotten Odor

vaginal odor 1

It’s never a good sign if your hooha resembles the smell of something rotten or something like a dead rat.  This usually happens when you have a tampon up there that you forgot to take out a couple of weeks ago. It’s best to see your OB-GYN immediately so that he/she can extract it and give you something for any possible infection.






How to Avoid Abnormal Vaginal Odor


Practice Good Hygiene

Wash your vajayjay regularly with mild soap and water, don’t forget to change your undies often (I know, you would think that this is a given, but…), and for the love of your hooha, never ever forget to remove your tampon! It’s just plain unsanitary and wrong and will leave you prone to infection, irritation and cause your vaj to smell like death!


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Avoid Vaginal Creams & Gels

Vaginal creams and gels, especially those that contain Manjakani, can damage your vaginal canal. Your vagina can usually maintain its own health and protect itself, but it can only do its job properly as long as it is healthy and in tip-top shape. The foreign ingredients in creams and gels can damage the layers of the vagina leaving you to be prone to infection, irritation, and yes, you guessed it!…a stinky vagina!

If you want to have a tighter vagina, avoid vaginal creams and gels and go with high quality kegel weights instead. These kegel weights will help you tighten your vagina while doing kegel exercises. You can get one from

Take Kacip Fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is an herbal essential that many women take to rejuvenate the health of their reproductive organs, especially the vagina. It supplements the body with what it needs to keep the walls of the vagina thick and lubricated to protect it from odor-causing bacterial and yeast infections.





No woman’s vagina is ever going to smell like roses (unless it’s doused with perfume), but pay your hooha some attention when it tries to signal you with an abnormal stench to let you know it may need some assistance from you. Otherwise, your V is usually prepared and armored so don’t go experimenting on it with various cleaning products you might see advertised on TV. If you insist on helping, try taking essential herbals that contain Kacip Fatimah that can help support your reproductive health, especially your vagina.