Among the so many things that you have to worry about while your due date gets nearer and nearer by the day is if your situation down there will ever be the same. Is giving birth really the end of your sex life? Well, here are the sad truth ladies, there will be some changes down there and it’s not pretty!

What happens during childbirth?

The stories you may have heard about giving birth is that there were a lot of horrible pain, grunting and pushing, after that, you have a brand new baby. The detailed truth is that first, the baby will re position itself to the cervix, which is the gateway from the uterus to your vagina. Then, the cervix will slowly efface and dilate until it reaches 10 cm, that’s how doctors know that your baby is ready to go out into the world.




Your uterus will then contract so hard that as the doctor will ask you to push for dear life. Your birth canal or also known as your vagina will then stretch so much as the baby passes by to be born.




To give you more idea as to how much stretching it will do, the normal vaginal diameter is just 2.1-3.5 cm, and the average diameter of baby’s head is around 11cm. Worse, the head of the baby who are considered big is around 16 cm in diameter!



Will your vagina change after giving birth?

Short answer is absolutely YES. Pushing that watermelon sized baby out of your hooha will stretch it so much that it will have a hard time snapping back into its pre-pregnancy state.




Right after giving birth, because of all the trauma that it went through, the vagina will feel swollen, painful, wider and more open. The swelling and pain will definitely go down after a few days, but your tightness will not snap back right away. Giving birth will cause your vagina to lose its elasticity, muscle tone and will cause you vaginal loosening.

Another thing getting pregnant and giving birth give you, besides having a baby is having very weak pelvic muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles controlling everything from your urinary meatus to your anus. They will also act a hammock for your baby, uterus and all the organs in your pelvic area. Which means that it will endure so much weight in the months that you are pregnant that in the end, it will get tired and weak.


weak bladder


Having weak pelvic floor muscles will cause your to have a loose vagina, and it will also weaken your control over your pee and poop. Well, it might sound horrible, which it is, but there are still things that you can do naturally mend you vagina without going through surgery.

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Natural ways to heal fast after giving birth

Right after giving birth, the best thing that you could do to your V to help it out is to do some exercises. It’s not a permanent and definitely not a fast solution, but it’s a good way to start your road to recovery while you are still breastfeeding and can’t take anything to tighten things down there.

Doing kegels is easy and could be done anytime and anywhere.

  1. First, you can locate and visualize the muscles that you use for peeing
  2. Then try to squeeze and hold those muscles for 10 second
  3. Relax those muscles
  4. Repeat for 10 cycles and at least 5 times a day, every day.

Doing kegels is tedious and the results are not instantaneous but it’s a start. Once you no longer breastfeed, you can start taking phytoestrogen to heal you fast.

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How estrogen affects recovery after giving birth

Estrogen is the one that keeps the health of the sexual organs. Without it, there will be nothing to make the vagina tight as it once was. After giving birth, the body will no longer produce enough estrogen to heal the body. Without estrogen, your vagina will become thin, dry and the vaginal muscles loose.




The good thing is that you can still take safe estrogen to help you heal and recover really fast. Phytoestrogen is the estrogen that is made from plants, it’s all natural so it’s safe to use and the body will have an easy time breaking it down and using it. The best source of high quality phytoestrogen that you can take is Kacip Fatimah.




What the phytoestrogen in Kacip Fatimah does is that it heals the vagina to help it snap back into its pre-pregnancy tightness in a safe and natural way. It will restore you vagina’s tightness, tone and will mean that it’s not the end of your sex life!



Giving birth is one of the most magical moments in your life, but it does have some downside. Without the proper exercises and phytoestrogen, your situation down there might not recover. With the help of pelvic strengthening exercises and Kacip Fatimah with high quality phytoestrogen, you are on your way to a full sexual recovery!