Pregnancy is one of the most amazing, yet scary period of a woman’s life. Unlike all the movies and books, pregnancy is not all about that beautiful pregnancy glow. The sad and ugly truth is that, your vagina will change, and not for the better. Here are some helpful information on the changes that you could expect while you are pregnant.

The color of your vagina will change

Changing of the color of your lady bits down there is called Chadwick’s sign, it’s one of the earliest sign of pregnancy where your cervix, labia and vagina turns blue or purple.


It could be observed as early as six weeks during pregnancy. This happens because as you get pregnant, there will be  an increase of blood flow your vagina, labia and cervix.

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You could experience some spotting

Getting pregnant means the end of those horrible monthly PMS and goodbye menstruation for a while, but don’t get too alarmed when you see some spotting during your first trimester. It’s completely normal and nothing to be worried about. A small amount of blood is an indication of the implantation of the fertilized egg to the uterus and also indicates the formation of the placenta.


vaginal bleeding


But as a general rule for you and your baby’s safety, you should report all bleeding and spotting to your doctor even if it has stopped. That way, your doctor could monitor you and your baby’s health.

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Your vagina could develop varicose veins

Another wonderfully horrible surprise of getting pregnant is the appearance of varicose veins where they normally should not be. Like your vagina. The increase in blood flow to your vagina plus carrying the weight of the uterus and the baby could compress the veins to your pelvis that could cause vaginal varicose veins. The pregnancy hormones could also attribute to the formation of varicose down there.


Vaginal and vulvar varicose veins usually appear during the 5th month of pregnancy and look like regular varicose which could be found on your labia and upper inner thigh. They usually disappear naturally after giving birth. You could also try want baths, lying on your left side and elevating your feet to alleviate them.

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You will experience a swollen crotch

Due to the fact that the blood flow to your neither regions has increased, you could feel a bit swollen on your crotch. Your Vaj will also feel full and heavy, but thankfully, it will all just be a feeling and your lady bits down there aren’t exactly all swollen and angry. Some women experience more intense orgasms during pregnancy because of this “swollen feeling” so you can take advantage of that while you can.



Your vagina may fart

“Vaginal farts” happens when the trapped pockets of air in the vagina gets pushed out and makes a farting noise. The occurrence of vaginal farting usually increases while a woman is pregnant. This may be due to your growing belly, different sex positions, exercise and exhausted pelvic floors.



Your Vagina could get itchy

The haywire in your hormones could cause a disruption in the balance of good bacteria and yeast that are naturally balanced in your hooha. This could cause bacterial vaginosis (BV) or yeast infections. They are both common in pregnant women. Bacterial vaginosis could cause secretions that are grayish-white and yeast infections causes yellowish- white secretions. Both these conditions will make your V itchy as hell!



The important thing to remember is that as soon as you experience extreme itchiness on your downstairs area, contact your doctor immediately. She will prescribe you with some medications that will help you and that are very safe to use while pregnant. Do not use over the counter meds as it could harm your baby.

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There will be some discharges

During pregnancy, you will experience some odor-free, clear or egg white like discharges. These discharges are normal and you have nothing to be alarmed about. This is due to the increase of production of cervical mucous and vaginal discharge that is caused by your vagina and cervix undergoing hormonal changes.



Your vaginal odor and change will be different

Your hormones while you are pregnant will all be jacked up, that’s because you are making a whole new human being. So with changing hormones, your vaginal pH or the acidity of your vagina will also change and become more acidic. Some pregnant women will be more sensitive to smell, but if there is no itching or burning, then you have nothing to be worried about.

The taste will also change because of the change of the vaginal pH. Pregnant women are more metallic or salty and the flavour will disappear once you reach orgasm.




Being pregnant is wonderful and magical, it’s the most wonderful miracle in life. But you can’t avoid the ugly truth that it’s also messy, painful and very uncomfortable. Just make sure to take care of your health and your baby for safer pregnancy!